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Main Features

How Giotto Compliance Works

Perform intelligent Screening

Use keywords and smart queries to obtain an initial set of references from PubMed and other databases. Take advantage of our AI-based recommendations to automatically exclude duplicates and references in undesired languages, or matching any of the defined exclusion criteria. Use our intelligent screening interface to review recommendations and perform remaining inclusion and exclusion decisions. The results are continuously updated based on your input.

Extract data automatically

Apply our advanced NLP technology to automatically extract relevant data from full-text articles based on your customized templates, and use our smart labeling interface to validate the results. The extraction performance will benefit from your feedback and improve over time.

Appraise full-text articles

Perform meta-analysis on extracted data and appraise the full-text articles to be included in the CER. Customize your grading and scoring system (or use our pre-defined templates following EUMDR guidelines) and speed up your appraisal decisions.

Be audit-ready and use results in your CER

Automatically track decisions, actions, and data registered in every single step of the systematic review process (protocol, search, screening, appraisal) ensuring reproducibility of the results. All the outputs can be exported in excel tables that you can easily integrate with your Clinical Evaluation Plan and Clinical Evaluation Report.

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